Audiovox Car Connection, An Insurance Discount Program By VOXX Electronics

Audiovox Car Connection, An Insurance Discount Program By VOXX Electronics

VOXX Electronics Corp. (VEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp, announced that its new Car Connection Insurance Discount Program is now available. This new service provides an opportunity for subscribers to save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance policy when they sign up for Car Connection.

Audiovox Car Connection is a convenience and diagnostic tool that helps improve vehicle and driver performance. The self-installed On-Board-Diagnostic device (“OBD II”) provides up to nine in-car wireless connected vehicle services that allow you to monitor among other things, driver distraction, location, and vehicle health, and even set up Safety Zones for only .

$10 per month, with no contract or activation fee required. 

Several major insurance companies have joined the program. All the insurance companies listed are set-up and fully integrated with the Car Connection program to allow for the electronic exchange of data that will be used to potentially offer safe drivers insurance discounts.

Car Connection subscribers can join the Insurance Discount Program and choose to have their driving data reviewed by an approved insurance carrier. They would then receive a quote by email before joining or switching to that approved Car Connection insurance carrier.

“It was always our intention to offer consumers an Insurance Discount Program when we entered the telematics market several years ago, as we believed that the insurance market offered great potential for growth. Now, Car Connection drivers can realize insurance discounts if they allow their data to be reviewed by an insurance carrier,” said Tom Malone, 

President, VOXX Electronics Corporation. “We already know that Car Connection can make driving safer, protect old and young drivers and monitor vehicle health. The addition of insurance discounts to our current suite of services is a major plus for consumers who can now also save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance policy.”

The Car Insurance Discount Program was launched this month and is available to all Car Connection subscribers. Interested consumers can become a Car Connection subscriber in three easy steps; simply purchase the Car Connection device, install it in minutes, and subscribe online for $10 per month. Car Connection is available at $179.95 at various consumer electronics retailers. After becoming a Car Connection subscriber, consumers can then choose to join this exciting new Insurance Discount Program and potentially save hundreds of dollars.

The Car Connection Insurance Discount Program will be powered by Agnik Insurance Services for Connected Cars. Participants of this program will also be using Agnik Vyncs™ powered services.